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Joker Poker -- excellent Jose de La Torre jumbo monte

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Regular retail: $34.95
Save: $10.00
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Qty: 1   

One of the best jumbo card effects ever -- right up there with Kate and Edith, Sidewalk Shuffle, and Jumbo 10 card poker.  This is Jose de la Torre's excellent card change routine, which finsihes with an eye popping climax.

Magi shows his three card poker hand, which consists of three sixes.  But he knows the guy on his right has three sevens, so he draws one card, trading one of this sixes for an eight.  Now he has three eights!   Then he sees the guy on his left has three nines!  So he draws again, trading an eight for a joker.  Not only does his hand change to three jokers, but the backs of the cards also change to jokers, so that he has six jokers.  The sixes and eights and backs of the cards are nowhere to be found.

Very clever handling combines some common gimmicked cards to get miraclulous results.  The cards are big  7 inches by 11 inches, and are printed on heavy board, much sturdier than a typical jumbo card stock, so it will hold up well for hundreds of performances.

Still available from Meir Yedid's website for $35.  But get it here for less!    Brand new and unused, with instructions


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