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Indian Rope Trick Six-Way Change Book

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Another version of the Coloring Book trick, but very different!    It actually does not involve any coloring of the pictures -- instead,  it is a "Flip book" showing six different "animated" scenes from a perfromance of the legendary Indian Rope Mystery

Book starts out blank.   Flip through and your audience see nothing but blank pages.     Explaining that you have travelled the world in search of the most amazing magic trick, you flip through the book and it is now filled with full-color pics of various landmarks around the world (Big Ben, Eiffle Tower, Pyramids, etc).      Next you say you found an amazing site in India, and flipping the pages, the scene is now a crowded Indian street (like on book cover, shown).      As the pages flip, a rope seems to rise from the basket, like a flip book animation.     When the book is flipped again, the picture continues to "advance" as a boy climbs the rope.      Again, the book is flipped and this time, the magician now climbs the rope, with a large, sharp knife holstered in his waist-sash.      Throughout this, you patter about the mythic East indian Rope trick, explaining each scene, including the part where the magician goes up the rope after the boy and slicing him into pieces!      The next time you flip, the boy's body parts fall down into the basket.   EEK!     But the next flip-through of the book shows the boy safe and healthy, as he pops up from the basket restored and unharmed!

The body part's falling is part of the myth, and a bit gruesome, but the pictures are not gory and it happens quickly, as the boy pops up from the basket immediately after his parts fall in!   Still, not a trick for the very young kidshow audience.   I find that it plays well for Tweens, especially the boys.   (I do double check with a parent before the show, to make sure they are cool with the brief violent scene.  If not, I have an extra substitution effect packed.   But because the boy is quickly restored, I find most parents are okay with it).

To finish, I show the book blank again, saying it was all a dream!

Easy to do, but does take practice to get page flipping smooth.      

A very different version of the classic Coloring Book, which your audience has definitely not seen before!  

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