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Card Silk Set 18 inch (Queen of Hearts)

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These two BIG high quality silks are a great set for various magical effects. You get two 18" silks, one screened with a Playing card (the QUEEN OF HEARTS), and a second silk that is screened with a Blank card space.     Typically you will find Card Silks in the smaller 12 inch size.   But this set has two 18" silks, which give the effect much more visibility for stand-up performances.    (Look at the photos, which show a poker sized deck for size scale -- deck is not included)

This set does not come with any instructions, but if you have a change bag or use a dye tube, you will easily know how to use this great set.    

I use my set like this:   I have someone select a card, (which coincidentally is the QH).  I show the blank silk and put it in a change bag.  I ask the spectator to name any color they see on the face of the selected card.   They usually name yellow or blue, (which is good for some comedy, as the audience will think the spectator is heckling you).   But if they just say red, that's okay also.   I reach into my pocket and take out some small silk squares of various colors and I put in the named color.   The small silks include red, blue, yellow and green.  I ask if they see any of these colors, and they say yellow, blue, etc.  Put all the small silks into the change bag, and shake it up.  I have the spectator show her selected card, and reach into the change bag -- she pulls out a fully colored card the Queen of Hearts.

If you have a matching blank face card for your deck, and you know a few basic card sleights, you can cause the face of the selected card to vanish, and appear on the blank silk.  The selected card ends up blank, and the silk now has the face!   Or vice versa:  make the face vanish from the silk (leaving the blank space), and have it appear on a previously blank card!    

You get the idea.    

Or just use the card silk as a flashy prediction.    

High quality silk and printing make this a joy to use and display. 

Great way to jazz up a card trick, and have some extra magic along with the card revelation.   

NOTE:   you will need a dye tube, change bag, or other gimmick to change out the silks, but you probably have one of those (or many such gimmicks) in your magic box of tricks.    If you want to incorporate the small colored silks, or  actual blank cards into the routine, you need to get these -- none of that stuff is included.  Only the two silks and instructions are included.

Brand new 

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