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FadeOut (Meir Yedid) -- only their card doesn`t go blank

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Their have been many approaches to this card plot -- that is, the plot where a card is selected from a deck, and the rest of the deck is suddenly shown to be blank cards except for the card the spectator selected.   Recent versions include offerings from Jay Sankey, Peter Duffie, Oz Perlman, and others.  Old-timers like me will remember the excellent "Paleface Pasteboards" by Horace Bennett, put out by Emerson and West way back in the 1970's.   (Check my ebay store... I may still have one of those vintage Paleface Pasteboards in stock).

But I think Meri Yedid's "FADEOUT" is one of the best.  It is straight-forward and easy to do.   (If you do any card magic that is not deemed 100% self-working, you have probably learned the three necessary sleights that are used in FadeOut.)   And although the deck cannot be examined at the end, the handling is so clean and above board that it is unlikely that spectators will press you to look at the cards.  

The cards are spread facedown, showing blue backs.  You ask the spectator what color the backs are.  You turn the deck faceup, and spread asking what color the faces are.   Then the spectator touches ANY card she sees as you spread the deck.  That card is taken out, and shown, then shoved back into the deck.  You give the deck two cuts and snap your fingers.   When the cards are turned faceup and spread, they are ALL BLANK.  Really!  All 51 cards are blank -- only 51 because one card still has a face.   It is the chosen card.   (If you want, the face of the chosen card can also be made to vanish, though I find that extra climax to be distracting from the super-clean, powerful vanish of all the other faces, so I usually skip it)

As I said, very easy to do.  I know it is sometimes a pain to have a gimmicked deck that only does one trick, but if you are gonna carry that extra gaffed deck, make sure it is a killer trick.  FADEOUT is just that!

Brand new with deck (blue bicycle) and instructions, of course.

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