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Odd Ball (Royal Magic, older stock, late 1980s)

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I have like this trick for a long time.  It is a surprisingly impressive version of the classic "Grandma's Necklace" trick, but because the ball (which will magically escape from the strings) is inside of a small plastic box, the penetration/escape seems much more impossible.  

It looks like this:  a small clear plastic box is shown, with a red wooden ball inside, and two strings running through a hole in the ball and out through holes in the sides of the box.  The box is opened and the ball taken out, held up close to the spectator so she can see that the strings run through the hole in the ball, and the ball is otherwise solid.  The ball is placed into the box again, with the strings coming out each side of the ball and box.   The spectator is allowed to tie a single knot in the strings to further secure the ball inside the box.    The spectator holds the ends of the two strings, letting the box and ball hang in the center of the strings.   The magi wraps his fist around the box, and slightly adjusts the strings coming out each side of his fist.  He then opens his fist to show the box and ball have come free from the strings, and the ball is still inside the box.    All can be examined.

(I actually don't draw attention to the fact that the box has also escaped from the strings.   The fact that the ball is in the box, and is the focus of the effect) seems to be stronger without pointing out the "extra" effect -- that the box also escaped from the strings.  

   I have a couple of these from the early 1990's in the old style Royal packaging -- I know they are from that period, because I bought them back then and just now found them hiding at the back of my magic storage closet!   The package box has some edge and corner wear from storage, but it is is still in very good shape for collectors of older close-up props and packaging.   The props and instruction sheet are like new and unused.    

This effect continues to be made by Royal Magic/Fun Inc. and you can find it for $5-$6.   I'll price these older collectible examples of the trick just slightly more than that.


NOTE: the deck of cards in one photo is not needed or included -- it is just there so you can quickly get a sense of the size of the ball and box.

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