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Razed -- instant visible color changing Bic lighter

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Regular Price: $24.95
Save: $9.00
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I could only post a photo of the packaging, because inside is stuff you need to construct the gimmick.  Now, before you stop reading (since like me, you are probably not a fan of gimmicks that you need to make yourself), I will tell you that this one is worth the "arts-and-crafts" time you will spend.

The effects you can do, once you make a couple of these nifty gimmicks:   

instantly change a red Bic mini lighter to black, or any other color that mini Bics come in.  You hold the lighter at your fingertips, and give it a shake, and it changes color.  Your hands are empty except for the lighter, and you can do it with short sleeves (or no sleeves). 

OR instantly cause a black BIC in one hand to change places with a red BIC in the other hand.  Hands never come together. 

You get the idea.    I was pleasantly surprised at how practical this gimmick was -- it is self-contained, instantly resets, and is not hard to use.   

The hardest part is constructing the gimmick  :-)       Not really hard to make, just time consuming.   You will need to spend about 45 minutes to make the first one, and then maybe 30 minutes to make the second one.    The package contains enough material to make EIGHT gimmicks (four red, four black), but you only need two to do all the effects taught in the online instruction videos.   The gimmicks will last for a long time, but you do have the extra stuff to make more if you do lose one, or maybe wear it out.   

IMPORTANT NOTE:  you do not get any mini BIC Lighters, so you will need to buy these extra.   So count on spending another ten bucks or so for those.     You will also need the usual "arts-and-crafts" essentials like tape, super glue, scissors/x-acto knife, etc.   You probably have that stuff, but if not you'll also need to buy some supplies to make your gimmicks.

As I said before, I was pleasantly surprised that RAZED was so practical.  It is lightyears ahead of the old Fantasio color changing lighter method.   I highly recommend this one if you want to make Bic lighters change color!

And since you will need to spend some dollars on the mini lighters, I will price this one well below the typical $25 retail that other sellers ask for it.

CONDITION NOTES:  New and unused.    With online instruction URL and password

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