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Magical Chocolate -- TENYO (2017)

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This item was originally issued as a special "extra" item that Tenyo buyers could get by mailing in proof-of-purchase from other items.  But it was so good that Tenyo eventually released it as a regular line item for purchase.  That was a great decision, because Magical Chocolate deserves to be seen by every magic audience.

I call this a packet trick, because in essence, that is what it is -- but the cards look like chocolate bars.  They are about the size of playing cards and handle like cards.   But like Tenyo's other great packet effect, Magic Painting, this one goes well beyond what we usually get in packet tricks.  

The effect looks like this:  magician takes a chocolate bar out of a vinyl holder (see photo #3), and from the chocolate wrapper, he pulls four different flavors of chocolate bar.  Each bar (card) is shown: there's Bitter, Sweet, White and Strawberry flavors of chocolate.    The cards are held facedown, (the backs look like foil wrapped chocolate bars!) and the cards are slowly moved (one-at-a-time) from bottom to top of the packet.  When the spectator says "stop", that chocolate bar is shown to her, and she remembers its flavor.   The cards are mixed and returned to the wrapper.   The wrapped bars (cards) are placed on the spectator's palm, and the magician makes a magical gesture.  Then he lifts the wrapped bars and there is a corner piece of a bar on her palm.   The four bars are removed from the (otherwise empty) wrapper, and dealt to the table.  One of the four bars is missing a corner -- it is the one she chose.  And the piece of course matches.

The neat things about this:  only four cards are used, and nothing needs to be ditched at the end.  The method is very clever (as you would expect from Tenyo).  And it is VERY easy to do.  No sleight of hand involved.   Because most kids and women love chocolate, this is a card trick that works for both those audiences.   

Oh yeah, the other neat thing is that it is not very expensive  :-)

The bar cards cannot be examined at the end, but the handling throughout is so clean and open that the spectator doesn't really want to examine them.  Just put the cards back into the wrapper, put it in the holder and put it in your pocket -- the spectator will be busy recovering from extreme puzzlement.

Highly recommended.

Comes with package and instructions  in Japanese --  English instruction sheets are available on a free download

Brand new and unused, sealed in original package

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