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Half Bottomless Glass -- versatile utility device

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Okay, the only way I can properly describe this item is to talk about the secret gimmick.  I know this is exposing a magic secret in a public forum, but I do not think lay people search magic listings to find out how tricks work, so please don't message me and tell me I am being a bad person/magician by giving some secret details here.  Thanks   :-)

 This is an updated version of the classic bottomless glass prop.  Not only can you use it exactly like a standard bottomless glass, but also for many uses that are not possible with the standard version.  Because this glass comes with a removable insert that fills half the inside of the glass.  The insert is water tight, so you can pour liquid in and out of the glass, but half the bottom of the glass is still open to secretly access small objects dropped in the glass.

Example:  show the glass and pour an opaque liquid into it, saying it is a dangerous acid.  Then borrow a woman's finger ring, and drop it into the glass of liquid.  You can now pour out the liquid and the ring is gone -- dissolved by the powerful acid.  The ring is re-produced in your favorite impossible place (Lippincott box, ring casket, sealed envelope, etc)

I love using my own glass for a mentalism Q & A routine.  A dozen people are given billets to write a question, and their initials.  They fold their billet and each billet is dropped into the glass, which is shaken to mix them.   The glass is set on the table and I take out a pad and pen to catch my impressions.   I am now in position to take a folded billet from the glass, and use my psychic powers to divine their questions and initials.  Then repeat this with the other billets.   It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get the info you need for a Q&A routine.

The insert allows for some items put in the glass to be contained while another is available to you.   Show the spectator a US half dollar, an English penny and a Chinese coin in the glass (since you have all these common magician's coins in your magic drawer already).  She picks one and puts a sticker with her initials on the coin. Then throw all three coins into the glass.  Yet, her coin magically vanishes from the glass.   You dump out the other two from the now empty glass, and reproduce her initialed coin from your favorite impossible location.

You get the idea.  The instructions come with a few ideas on how to use, but use your imagination and you will come up with a lot more great ways to use this cool prop.

If you want to use the glass during a billiard ball routine, or for slightly larger items, just take out the insert and use as a standard bottomless glass.  (The instructions also include ideas for using the prop without the insert)

NOTE:  I am calling this a glass, but it is MADE OF PLASTIC.   That said, it has a nice design that looks elegant and also adds to the deceptiveness.   The glass is about 6 inches tall, and 3 inch diameter across its opening.  The full open bottom is about 2 inches in diameter if you use the glass without the removable insert.

Brand new with instructions, but you can use your imagination to come up with a lot of possible uses for this great prop. 

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