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Color Forcing Top -- very handy device

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How cool is this?    One of my favorite close-up mental props.    This plastic top appears to be a simple child's toy, but is cleverly gimmicked.  The small spinning top allows you to force any of the six colors that you want, and you can "set" it for any of the colors right in front of your audience with no cover or suspicious moves.   

So any close-up routine you have that requires a color to be forced, (or where you want a choice to look very fair and random, but you have pre-determined the outcome), this top will work perfectly.    You can use it in prediction effects -- (great for Mental Epic type triple prediction routines, if you are familiar with those!), or you can use it for demonstrations of psychokinesis.   When I use mine, it looks like this:

I show the top, and give it a spin.  It eventually loses its inertia (or is it momentum?) and comes to rest on its edge -- one of the color discs resting nearest the table.  "My spin landed on favorite color, blue."  I pick up the top and hand it to a spectator.  "You give it a try".  She does, and it lands on (for example) green.  I pick it up and hand it to her again.  "Spin again."  She does and it lands on Orange this time.  "There is no way a human being can influence which color the top will rest on.  Name one of the colors."   I hold the top so she can see them clearly, and she names (let's just say...) "Yellow".   I hand her the top and ask her to give it a good spin.  As the top spins, I say "No way, unless the power of a well trained mind can actually influence outcomes in the physical world."   I strike a mentalism pose, and focus my concentration on the spinning top.   "What was your color?"  She says Yellow.  The top slows and begins to wobble, finally falling to one side and resting with Yellow nearest the table.    

"Do that again!" she demands. (They always do!)  So I pick up and spin the top, asking if she remembered my favorite color.  "Blue" she says, and I direct her attention to the spinning top.   "Watch!"   The top spins and then comes to rest, my favorite color blue nearest the table.

So simple in its working and (more importantly) in its effect, this top will likely become a favorite of yours also!   Although the top can be handled by the spectator, I would not call it "examinable".  But the handling is so clean, and it is so easy to show the top landing on random colors, that the top is not really suspect.

NOTE:  the deck of cards shown in photos is not included (or needed) -- just there to give you a quick idea of the size of the top.  

Remember:  you can force any of the six colors and set which on is forced "on the fly", in the simple action of picking up the top and handing it to the spectator or spinning it yourself.  You will be able to do "the secret move" after about 5 seconds of practice  :-)    No kidding, it is that easy!      Nice effect and a handy utility item.       

Brand new with instructions.

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