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One Hundred Magicians (Duane Laflin)

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I listed this under "Close-up Mentalism" but the cards are large enough that it could also be used in a stand-up club or "living room" show.   You can see the poker size deck of cards in the photo to get an idea of the size of the ten cards involved.  (They are about 5x8 inches, laminated.  Also, the cards are white background -- sorry, my flash did not fire for the photos, so they look off-white, but they are bright white...)

Duane Laflin took the very cool effect "Destination Unknown" (by Steve Bender at Ickle Pickle) and he adapted the list of 100 items to be names of famous magicians.  There are ten cards, and each card has a list of ten different magicians.   The spectator thinks of any magician on any of the cards, and remembers that magician.   After the spectator shuffles the cards, the magi/mentalist shows the spectator the 100 magicians names again, on lists printed on the other side of each card.   The spectator tells the magician which list contains her magician, and the mentalist immediately knows the name she has in mind.

No memory work, and very easy to do.   Because the magicians are famous in the magic world, but many are not household names, the trick is of course excellent to show to other magicians.  But when I perform this effect for lay people, I give them some thumbnail biographies and history for some of the names.   In the end, before revealing the thought of magician, I tell the spectator some facts and history about the magician she has in mind.  Of course, the spectators often think I am just giving generic magic biography info, that could fit any magician, until I end it by naming the thought-of magician   :-)

NOTE:  the instructions for this trick are actually for a Bible version that Laflin also sold.  I think he just used the same instructions sheet, rather than make an extra specific "magician" sheet.  The Bible instructions reference biblical names, but the instructions are easily applied to this Magician's name version.

Very hard to find this one now.   No longer sold by Laflin -- not for at least 10+ years.   But you can get it here.

Brand new and unused, from "new-old" inventory.

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