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The Box (JB Magic) -- repeat signed cards to box

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Another very clean and practical card effect from JB Magic, and typical of the best JB Magic routines, it is not hard to do at all.     

Created by Phil Tilston, and released by JB in 2011, this one is getting hard to find.  But I came across a few in a hoard of ex-dealer inventory, so if you missed it 10 years ago, you can get it now.

The effect looks exactly like this:     

A deck of cards is removed from a card case, and the magician writes a prediction on his business card and slips it into the empty case.    Now your spectators choose two cards (let's say 3H and 10C) -- both cards are signed on the face, and the cards are lost in the deck.  The selections are mixed into the deck and the magician again calls attention to the boxed prediction.    With hands otherwise empty, he opens the box and pulls from inside the business card AND a playing card.   The prediction is shown and says "The Box", which the magi explains is why the first signed card jumped into the box.  The card is shown to be the first signed card.   But to prove he really did predict the card, the magi now shows the face of the box, and the spectators can see that "Three of Hearts" is written on the box with Sharpie.   The business card and 3H are put back into the box.   The magician tries to find the second card in the deck, but again finds the 3H.   "The 3H is in the box, right?  I mean, its written right on the box!"   As he says this, the magician turns the box over to show the writing on the face no longer says "Three of Hearts" -- it has changed to read "Ten of Clubs".   So of course that means....  yes, he hands the closed box to the second spectator, and she opens the box to find her signed card inside with the business card.

Lots of magic in this one, and no palms involved!  In fact, no hard moves at all.  The gimmicked case and one gimmicked card do almost all the work, and even though the case is gimmicked, it can be examined, and hold your working deck of Red Bicycles.   You are ready to go on this one almost immediately with very little set up.

  Use your own RED backed Bicycle deck with the gimmicks supplied.     You will use this one a lot.   It is strong card magic.

I see it selling in one listing for $32, but I will sell the few I have for a bit less than that (even though they are worth much more to the working performer!)

Brand new and unused, with DVD instructions.

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