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Out to Lunch Wallet (with Peek feature), PLUS...

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This very hand business card wallet was released about 10 years ago by Anton James & Jeff Kaylor, under the name of the "Ultimate Networking Tool".   And the DVD included does cover how to use this wallet (and included pre-printed business cards) to efficiently collect contact information from potential show leads.   During the course of a few gags, and a mental magic effect (divination of a special word that the spectator is thinking of), you can collect info that will lead to more paid gigs.  So in that respect, the name "Ultimate Networking Tool" definitely fits and the prop delivers for magicians who use it as directed.

But the wallet can be used for all kinds of great magic and mentalism routines, because it can be used for any "Out to Lunch" (OTL) routine, and also has a "Peek" feature built in.   Like Gregory Wilson's "Stockholder" wallet, this one has a built in OTL band, so in addition to holding business cards, it acts as a very classy alternative to just wrapping thick rubber band around a packet of your business cards.  

 (NOTE:   the DVD does not really cover how to use this wallet for OTL routines, and does not provide any specific OTL routines.  But most magicians know a number of good OTL routines -- but just in case you do not, I will include an extra instruction sheet with three of my favorite OTL effects)

The Peek feature on this wallet is bold, giving a full peek of what is written on a business card that is hidden in the wallet.  For many magicians/mentalists, the peek window may seem too bold, but those who stop thinking like magicians, and start thinking like lay people, will see that it is an easy and completely natural way to get a great peek.   For those who still are unconvinced, you can simply put your business card in the hiding place, and the wallet becomes completely examinable -- it just has a window display of your business card!   But the networking routine does require you to use the peek, so don't worry; try it -- you'll like it!  :-)

(ANOTHER NOTE:  because of how the manufacturer packed this item, and the fact it has been in the package for about a decade, the wallet's clear plastic peek window has some minor discoloration.  But it does not impact the peek or obscure the view.   And of course the audience never sees that part of the wallet.  But I wanted you to know )

To go with the wallet, you get about 25 pre-printed Networking cards -- they say "Your Business Card" on one side, and have room for spectator/lead to fill in contact info on the other side.    

(YET ANOTHER NOTE:  this item is no longer available from the manufacturer, and so re-fills of the Networking cards are no longer available.  But if you save a couple and take them to your local print shop, you can get them made up when you need more.) 

Comes with the wallet, DVD instructions, some printed instructions in the DVD folder, plus  the networking cards, and my bonus instructions for three fun and effective OTL routines.

(LAST NOTE:  the DVD holder references some extra ideas that you can get online, but I could no longer find the online location for these extra tips and ideas.  But don't worry, you will think up plenty of uses for this great utilty wallet!)

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