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Aces from the Fore -- Steven Tucker / Liam Montier

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Back in the late 1970's when I read Paul Harris' book, Super Magic, I always wanted to learn his routine called "Las Vegas Split" where two Two's were visibly split in to the four Aces.   Such a cool and visible piece of magic.   But darned hard to do well  :-(   
I know it could be mastered and done, because I saw a few professional magicians (including Harris hmself) perform that great routine, but.... well, I could never get the hang of it.   
Fast forward about four decades, and I was overjoyed to find Steven Tucker's routine, Aces from the Fore -- released by Big Blind Media.   Because Tucker's effect features the same visible splitting of cards, complete with value transformations as they split.   And Tucker's effect is darned EASY to do.  (Well, it does take some practice, but nothing very difficult, and (unlike "Las Vegas Split") I was able to master this one in about an hour!
In essence, you say you will find the four aces, and cut the deck.  Turning it face up, there is not an Ace, but a Four (of Hearts) on the face of the deck.    To correct this error, you snap the four with both hands, and it "splits" into an Ace of Hearts and a Three of Hearts.   The Ace is dealt to the table, and the red Three is then split into the other red Ace of Diamonds, and a black Two.  Finally the black Two is split into the two black Aces.
It is fast and very visual.    And you can go right into a bonus 4-ace assembly effect (taught on the DVD, and strong enough to follow the splitting magic!).
The effect uses some gaffed cards, but another bonus on the DVD is Liam Montier teaching two ungimmicked versions of the effect, which are a bit more "move-y" but still very deceptive, in case you get caught without your necessary gimmicks.
I highly recommend this one.  You will use it often, and you will enjoy performing it, because it looks so darned cool when the splits happen. 
  (Okay, I just exceeded my annual allowed usage of the word "darned")
Brand new and unused, with DVD instructions

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