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Last Card -- showy colorful card reveal

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The "Last Card" plot has been popular with magicians (and audiences) for many decades.  This neat version of the effect has a final revelation of the chosen ("last") card in jumbo size on the back of the stand.

The Last Card effect goes like this:  a deck of cards (included) is shuffled by a spectator, and then the magician takes three cards from the top of the deck, and clips them to the red section of the display stand.  Then three more cards are clipped to the blue section, and three more to the yellow section.  The rest of the deck is set aside.  Now a spectator eliminates any of the colored display panels.  (No force).  The cards from the eliminated panel are set aside.   Another spectator eliminates one of the remaining colored panels (Again, no force).   The cards on that panel are also eliminated.   The cards are unclipped from the remaining panel and the magicians clips one of the remaining three cards to each of the panels.  Again, a panel is eliminated, and its card is set aside.  Another panel is eliminated, and its card is set aside.   This leaves the "Last Card" clipped to the final panel.   This card is shown and is (for example) the Jack of Spades.   The three panels are turned around and show a giant Jack of Spades.

The apparatus makes this one completely sleight-free and no equivoque or other funny business.   The prop quickly and easily does the only secret thing necessary, and does it so early in the routine that you get to relax and just play up the effect for all it is worth.

Comes with everything you need to perform it, including a bridge size deck of cards.  The prop can use poker sized cards if you prefer.  If you want to use your own regular poker deck, you will need something extra to go with it,  But you could get what you need for under $10 from almost any magic seller.   (Of course, using the Bridge size deck for this stand up magic effect would not raise any eyebrows from your audience.)

I see this one listed for $85 for one seller, but the retail price is closer to $55, and I even see it for $45 from one very generous seller.  So I will sell it for a bit less than that  :-)

Read condition notes please!

CONDITION NOTES: New and unused -- opened only for photography.

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