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Bengal Net in Reverse -- visible appearance of dove, or...

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In the 1990's and early 2000's, Sam Dalal's magic company produced a new version of the classic UF Grant Bengal Net, and also produced a new variation called "Bengal Net in Reverse".    Whereas the original Bengal Net caused a dove or other similar sized object to visibly vanish from a net cradle, the "Reverse" version causes an object to visibly APPEAR in a mesh net cradle.

This Reverse version of the effect matches the look of the Dalal Bengal Net, with a simple wood handle, and black velour backdrop cloth.  

The effect:  a handheld black drape hangs from wood handle.  The drape allows the audience to clearly see an empty white mesh net that is in front of the black drape.   The magi can put his hand inside the net, in front of the drape, and move his hand around to show the net area is completely "see-through" and empty. .    Then when magi wants, a dove (or any similar sized object) visibly appears behind the netting.   (It does not ave to be a dove -- I have seen magicians produce large loads of silks or sponge balls using this Reverse Bengal Net) 

These Sam Dalal Reverse Bengal Nets have not been available for about 15 years or more, and they have become hard to find.  But I came across a couple, so here's your chance to add this effective "illusionette" to your show.  And at a great price!

The item is from ex-dealer inventory, "new-old" stock, so it is new and unused.

NOTE:  the deck of cards shown in the photos is not used in the effect (and is not included).  It is in the photos so you can have a quick size-reference to know how big this great prop is.

NOTE #2:  if you check our other listings, you may find a listing for the regular "Bengal Net" which causes something to DISAPPEAR in the net cradle.   I have a couple of those, so might still be available if you want to do a combined "disappear and appear" transpo-type effect by using both!

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