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Bengal Net -- visible vanish of dove, or...

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 When I first started in magic (early 1970's), I would visit my local magic shops -- yes, shopS; plural...  back then, you could find multiple magic shops within driving distance! -- and I spent most of my magic shop time looking up at the shelves that displayed all the colorful apparatus that was manufacturered by Mak Magic.   Mostly creations of the genius U.F. Grant, these "illusionettes" were ALL on my wish list.   I saved my allowance and neighborhood yard-work earnings to buy a new one every few months.

One of the items on my list that I never got was the very cool looking "Bengal Net".   The Mak version had a large wooden handle that was decorated with a silk-screened snarling Tiger head.  Hence the name "Bengal Net".   Like most vintage Mak Magic items from the 1970's and early 1980s, original Mak Bengal Nets are very hard to find these days.

In the 1990's and early 2000's, Sam Dalal's magic company produced a new version of the Bengal Net, and that is what I have for sale here.  The Dalal Bengal Net is simpler looking, with a plain wood handle.   And the Dalal version actually uses a slightly different method, which I think is more deceptive.  (This change of method allowed Dalal to get rid of the large block-y handle that was needed on the Mak version -- (no room to paint a cool snarling Tiger, but a more deceptive illusion.  So a good trade!)

The effect:  a handheld black drape hangs from wood handle.  The drape allows the audience to clearly see a white mesh net also hanging from the handle.   The net is folded up and hooked onto a latch in the center of the wood handle.   In the net cradle, the magi places a dove (or similar size object -- does not have to be a dove.  I don't use live animals, but I have used my own Bengal Net to vanish my Rocky Raccoon -- works great!)    The dove remains visible through the netting.  Then when magi wants, the netting drops and falls flat against the backdrop and the dove seems to melt away into nothingness.  

I think the effect is even more puzzling if you place a silk in the net cradle with the item that is going to vanish.  When the vanish occurs, the silk does not -- it flutters to the floor.   (No silks included, so use your own if you want to add this simple enhancement.)

These Sam Dalal Bengal Nets have not been available for about 15 years or more, and (like the original Mak version) they have also become hard to find.  But I came across a couple, so here's your chance to add this effective "illusionette" to your show.  And at a great price!

The item is from ex-dealer inventory, "new-old" stock, so it is new and unused.

NOTE:  the deck of cards shown in the photos is not used in the effect (and is not included).  It is in the photos so you can have a quick size-reference to know how big this great prop is.

NOTE #2:  if you check our other listings, you may find a listing for the similar "Reverse Bengal Net" which causes something to APPEAR in the net cradle.   I have a couple of those, so might still be available if you want to do a combined "disappear and appear" transpo-type effect by using both!

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