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King Tut puzzle -- re-make of a nostalgic classic

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I had a vintage version of this cute little puzzle when I was a kid in the 1960's.  (Of course, it wasn't vintage back then).   Like most neat things that I had as a kid, that one is long lost.   But I came across this recently manufacturered version of the King Tut puzzle, and so I had to get myself one because I am a sucker for nostalgic knick-knacks.  And because I know I am not alone in my love of these retro puzzles and tricks yesteryear, I got a few extras for my store.

The puzzle looks very much like the old vintage ones, including the retro styling of the package box.   Like the old one that you may remember from your own childhood, it is about 2 inches long -- (the card case in the photos gives you an easy reference for the size of this puzzle -- cards not included of course!)    Like the original King Tut puzzles, the small plastic mummy jumps out of his coffin when someone tries to put him in.   But if you know the simple secret, you can place Tut into the coffin and he will rest there peacefully.

Unfortunately, the gimmick on these new puzzles takes some significant force to dislodge.  You probably remember that the coffin must be tapped against the table or your hand before Tut will stay inside.  And tapped again to make him jump out.  Well, this recent version needs a pretty sharp rap on the table to set the gimmick.   Too bad, as it hard to set the gimmick without anyone knowing that you just did something.

That said, I have been showing this to my friends and still having fun with this.  Set it so Tut hops out, and let them try a couple times.  They enjoy the way he pops up out of the coffin.  Then I say it is important to perform the ancient ritual.  I tap the coffin on the table three times while saying "Rest in Peace, Boy King" with each tap.   Then I put him in.   (And put the puzzle away.)

I wish the gimmicks sensitivity was better, but this nostalgic puzzle is still fun to show and a great little display piece for your puzzle knick-knack shelf.   

Brand new and unused, with instructions and retro designed package box

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