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Cut Up Prediction -- cut-thru card revelation

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The effect and method is an old one.   But here, the typical prediction context is combined with a card revelation.

A card is selected and set aside unseen.   A paper folder is shown, with lines printed on the outside.   The spectator is given a pair of scissors, and is invited to cut the folder in half, across any of the lines -- free choice.     The cut folder is opened and inside each half is a piece of paper, which has also been cut in half, of course.   The paper has six playing card images printed on it, spaced to correspond with the "cut-lines" on the folder.   So one card image is sliced cleanly in two.   Let's say the card cut through is a 4 of spades.   The chosen card that was et aside at the beginning is turned over -- it is the 4 of spades.

You do cut (and so destroy) one folder and card slip every time you perform this, so you get TEN folder/slip sets.    You really won't need to cut one while you practice your presentation, so figure you can perform this 10 times before needing refills.   (I don't think refills are available anymore, but if you took the paper components to your local printer, I am sure you could re-create this easily and economically)

Brand new and unused -- comes with TEN folder/slip sets, and instructions.

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