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Clone Card (Liam Montier) -- updated version of Color Monte

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Jim Temple's Color Monte is perhaps the most popular packet card trick of all time -- the late Art Emerson (of Emerson & West, who put out Color Monte in the mid 1970's) was frequently quoted as saying that he sold over half-a-million Color Montes over the years.

Color Monte is still a great one, and still in the repertoires of many working pro's (and smart non-pro's).     In Clone Card, Liam Montier gives the same effect a whole new look, and changing the gambling/betting theme to a lesson about how cyber-thieves can "clone" your credit card.

The props are nicely made -- thin (flexible) plastic credit card replicas that handle like good quality playing cards.   They are the same size as poker size playing cards.

The effect:  

magi shows three cards, two are normal credit cards and one is a "cloned" card.  The cloned card is put into the three card packet, but because Cloned cards look exactly like regular cards, it seems to vanish -- all the cards appear regular now.  But actually, once the cloned card is in your wallet, it can activate cloning technology on the other cards.  So now, all three cards appear to be cloned.   But a moment later, all the cards appear regular, because once cloned, the cards are indistinguishable from regular credit cards.   The final lesson is this:  that the card cloning is simply a diversion, because as you worry about whether your card is regular, or cloned, the final card is shown to have all the things the thieves have hijacked:  wallet, car keys, cell phone, earbuds, watch and cash!!

Highly recommended.    

Brand new and unused, with online video instructions.

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