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MUSSON, Worlds Best Clown Gags (2003 reprint)

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2003 paperback D. Robbins re-print of Clettis Musson's clown gag book -- I think this book was first published in the 1950's or early 1960's, but can't find info on that...  It was printed (again) in 1987 by Jackie Flosso, and then this edition from D.Robbins in 2003.    (This Robbins' edition continues the mis-spelling of Clettis' name as "Clettus".)

The book is loaded with over 200 gags and comedy bits -- see the photo of two pages of the (five page) table of contents -- but as you would expect from an older compilation of gags, many of them are dated and probably not as funny as they once were...    That said, there are some goodies in here if you wade through the ones that may no longer play.  And even the dated gags may get you thinking about adapting and updating them for contemporary audiences.    If (like me) you don't do a Clown act, you should still find some funny quickies to add into your magic routines.

A couple of important notes:   

this is NOT solely a "kidshow" gag book -- many of the gags are suited to adult audiences -- not "blue" material, but involving non-kidshow items like cigars/cigarettes. etc.     Plenty of things kids will love, but lots that will not work for your kidshow.    

The other note is that many of the gags/bits involve two clowns (or a magi and assistant).  So not for your solo act.  (But as mentioned above, you may find thoughtful ways to adapt a good one to your one-person act)

I see this book selling for around $8 at most dealers, but you can get it here for less, of course!

Book is from "new-old" dealer inventory, and so it iis new and not previously owned, and in MINT condition.   63 pages with lots of illustrations.

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