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Mental Symbol Match -- the domino principle

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The "Domino Principle" has been used to create effective prediction tricks using everything from poker chips, gloves, shoes, and even... dominoes.     There have been very expensive versions and very inexpensive versions.  This one falls into the latter category, but in spite of its low price, the props are well-made and also have an added feature.  (They have trivia facts on the reverse side, which offers some added possibilities for presentation and entertainment.)

The effect is this:  magi writes a prediction, and sets it in full view.  He then shows eleven "symbol match" tiles (sturdy cardboard, about 1 inch by 2 inches), which each have two symbols depicted on the ends.     On the back of the tiles, each has a fun trivia fact about the English language.    The spectator mixes up the tiles and then begins to lay them out end to end, matching an end symbol on one tile to the symbol on another.   The matching choices are very free, and there are truly many different possible ways to put the tiles together.  When all are lined up, in a snaking, end-to-end line-up, the spectator is asked to look at which two symbols are one the ends of the line-up.   The two symbols match the prediction exactly!   

They always say "do that again", so magi gathers up the tiles, hands them to the spectator, and writes another prediction.  The process is repeated, with different symbols on the end of the line-up, but they match the prediction again (of course!)

Occasionally, the spectator will line-up the symbols so that they can no longer use any of their remaining tiles to make another match.  I love Dan Harlan's line for this situation:  "You have met a Mental Block".  The spectator is asked to remove 4 or 5 tiles from either end of their line, and to mix them with the other remaining tiles, and start again.  "To get past a Mental Block, it is good to take a few steps back, and start again"   (Great line, Dan!)    The spectator will be able to complete the line-up and your prediction will be successful.

I like to write one of the trivia facts down as a prediction.  When the spectator ends up with two random symbols, they read the prediction, which seems to be about an odd English word (like "Rhythm -- the longest word without any of the five main vowels").   It seems like the prediction has nothing to do with the spectator's two symbols.   but then she looks through all the trivia-sides of the tiles, and finds the one about "rhythm".  When she looks at the symbols on the other side... yes, you guessed it.  They match her two symbols exactly!      (I will include a supplemental instruction sheet to tell you how to do that version of the trick.)

This is an engaging and puzzling prediction effect.  The only downside is that you do need some table space to lay out the tiles in the line-up.  So not for walk-around magic.     But when space permits, this is a winner.

NOTE:  deck of cards shown is NOT included (or needed for the trick).  It is just there to give you a size-scale for the dominoes.

Brand new, with instructions (plus extra TMGS instructions for my "trivia prediction" handling.

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