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Cardinal Cards (Meir Yedid) -- amazing wild card variant

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This is Meir Yedid's amazing routine based on the wild-card-type effect.  Very magical looking as the faces and backs of 7 cards are transformed into blanks (on all sides) by the "Cardinal Card".    While that may not sound so original or exciting, I assure you the handling is excellent and makes Cardinal Cards one of the great Wild Card genre routines.  

You show seven identical cards (say 8 of Diamonds) on front and back.  You deal six to the table, and then you create a "Cardinal Card" from the seventh one -- by peeling it apart to get to the blank center.  You peel off the face, and peel off the back, leaving the center blank layer.  (To be clear, this is all done in full view and openly, and spectators find this amazing in and of itself!   Also to be clear, you are not really splitting a card here, and so you do not need to worry about refills or damage, etc)    Once you have the double blank "Cardinal Card", you begin to touch the other six cards, and cause their faces and backs to vanish.   The effect is startling at first and awesome as it accumulates across six cards.  Apparently you have blanked out TWELVE surfaces, without a trace.

It is really good!

Meir originally released this one back in the 1980's, and it is so good that he continues to sell the effect 40 years later!  

This is one of his recent issues of the trick, made on high-quality Bicycle poker-size cards.

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