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Mirror Glass (sealed, for Silk to Drink, and more...)

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Most mirror glasses are not for use with liquids -- the mirror slides into the glass, but the edges (where the mirror meets the glass walls and bottom) are not sealed.   This is fine for silks and larger solid objects, but not for liquids or small solids like sugar, salt, etc.

This mirror glass is completely water-tight around the edges of the mirror so it is WATERTIGHT!   Liquid poured into one side and will stay on that side, no leaking or running through the edges.    So you can (for example) pour milk into the glass and then pull a white silk out.   

Or I like to pour clear water into the glass, and wave the glass in the air (with some deft but easy secret finger movements), the water changes to wine (or Cola).     Or put a white silk into an empty glass, and it changes into milk.

Note:  this glass does not "close" on top, (like another prop we may have listed called "Drink to Silk"), so you cannot turn the "empty" glass upside down if it is hiding liquid.   But I find I can change a silk to liquid, and pour out the liquid (while a finger holds the hidden silk in place).   So this glass is better for silk to drink.

Mirror glasses are a "must-have" for any magician, and now that you can use liquid in one, it is even more amazing!  You can see from the "empty" photo of the glass, its optics are very deceptive.   

The glass is 5 inches tall, and 3 inch diameter across its opening.

Brand new with instructions, but you can use your imagination to come up with a lot of possible uses for this great prop. 

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