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Tattoo Telepathy (aka INKED by Alakazam UK)

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I like this one A LOT.     It allows you to carry an emotionally engaging "1 in 125" thought-divination in your shirt pocket and be ready to wow with it at any time.   The props are very well made, and the theme is topical, hip and allows a spectator to have fun indulging his/her secret (or maybe not so secret) desires.

Alakazam's name for this is lame, (I think), so I re-named it Tattoo Telepathy.   I considered Magic, Ink -- but did not want to get sued by the well-known Chicago magic mecca   :-)       Anyway, I think Tattoo Telepathy nicely sums up the effect, which is:

Magi mentalist shows a set of five Tattoo selection cards -- these are from a Los Angeles tattoo parlor, and five tattoos each, and each card also shows one part of the body where these particular tattoos might be placed.   Your spectator secretly chooses one of the five places to have her tattoo done, and then she secretly chooses one of the tattoos to put there.  (In my experience, either spectators have tattoos, or they secretly wish they could get a tattoo, so this selection process allows the spectator to indulge in some rebellious wish-fulfillment).    After she has a body part and specific tattoo design in mind, you bring out a second set of five tattoo cards.  (Each showing five different tattoos).   "These are our most popular tattoos-- maybe you chose one of them."  You show the cards to the spectator and she confirms that her thought of tattoo is on one of the cards.    You now ask her to relax and imagine she is at the Inked tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, getting her tattoo.   You ask her to imagine the pain of the tattoo needle as it draws, but also the excitement of finally getting this tattoo.  She imagines the design and how it looks on her skin.   With no questions or pumping, you begin to describe the design she is thinking of, and then tell her exactly where on her body she is imagining it!

Five body locations and 25 different tattoos she might have chosen -- the spectator is left wondering how you knew which of these 125 combinations she merely thought of.

The cards are plastic laminated, like credit cards, so they will last forever.    There is one method that uses a visual cue, so good eyesight and lighting are needed.  But on the instruction DVD, Peter Nardi also explains a simplified version that does not require the visual cue.  Nardi's optional handling is very practical for restaurant work.

Alakazam still has these available for 20 British pounds, and my web search found a US seller with the item for $23.   It is well-worth that, but get it here for a bit less!

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