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Optical Eight Revelation -- cool card reveal

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I am a big fan of magic that incorporates neat geometric principles or optical illusions.   This reveal of a chosen card does both.  The effect is not earth-shaking, but the visual "action" of the revelation process is very magical looking.  Even though the spectators can intellectually understand how the "big eight" in the frame turns into the Eight of Diamonds, they still don't really believe their eyes as they watch it happen.  

(It's hard to explain, but if you get this and work it in front of your own eyes, you will experience the weird sensation that the graphics on the card are visibly changing).

So what happens:  well, you have a card selected (it is the Eight of Diamonds).  You bring out a stiff white cardboard folder/frame and explain that it is your 3-step card revelation device.     "Step one reveals your card's suit."    You open the first flap of the folder, and it reveals the suit of the chosen card (a diamond, which shows through a small window).    "Step Two reveals the value of your card."   You open the next flap of the folder, and there is a large framed "Eight" now visible.    "Step three is where it reveals your entire card."    You slowly begin to pull a jumbo card out of the folder/frame, and as it comes up out of the frame, the "eight" starts to morph into the diamond pips on the jumbo card, which matches the selected card.   (Again, the way the card looked like an "eight" in the frame is understood by the spectators, but even as they realize this, it still looks like a magical change.  It is very cool!   It looks even cooler if you withdraw the jumbo card slowly and let the audience soak in the change.)

You can almost get a sense of it in the still photo accompanying this listing.  

(NOTE: The photo shows THREE of this item, so you can see the three steps -- you will only receive ONE folder, as you only need one to perform this.   You will also need your own deck of cards, as no deck is supplied)

One of my new favorites!    Brand new with instructions.

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