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BARON, How to Entertain with Magic... (2001 Breese edition)

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HOW TO ENTERTAIN AND BAFFLE YOUR FRIENDS WITH MAGIC by Harry Baron, illustrated by Roy Johnson

(originally published in 1972 -- this is a 2001 reprint by Martin Breese London) 


Harry Baron (1917-1991) wrote some of the best magic books for the general book trade.  This was one of them, and like his other books, I cringe a little as I look through it, thinking "Really?  You are tipping that in a book that is meant to sell in non-magic bookstores? "  But of course, the truth of the matter is that non-magicians don't go perusing magic books when they go to the bookstore or library.  So writing really good magic books for the general trade is good for magic.  They create more (and better) magicians, giving beginners strong effects and methods, and making sure they are well-taught.    Harry Baron knew this.

For this reason, this book provides valuable info to both beginners and experienced magicians alike.  I have been doing magic for almost 50 years, and I found a few hidden gems in this book that I can use in my own performances.  (Some were gems I learned a long time ago, and forgot about, some were new twists on effects I already knew, and some were new to me altogether.)   

Add Roy Johnson's excellent illustrations to Baron's excellent teaching, and you cannot miss with this book.

Look at the photos of the partial Table of Contents to get a better idea of the great stuff you'll find in this book.

New condition, despite being 20+ years old. -- this is from new-old dealer inventory.

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