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Thumbtip Streamer -- extra wide (2 inch x 36 inch)

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 Get some extra mileage from your thumbtip!

You can vanish and/or produce this silk streamer from a standard tip in your bare hand just as you would a 12" silk. But it has much more impact than those little 12" silks!!

Or do as I like to do, and borrow a dollar bill, and comment that although the bill looks gray and green, the Treasury department is weaving a rainbow of colored threads into the paper to discourage counterfeits.   Then roll the bill into a tube, and produce the silk streamer from inside the bill!

This does not come with a thumbtip, but you probably already have one (or two, or three, or....) You'll find this inexpensive item to be very valuable in terms of real-world use!

This streamer is extra wide at about 2 inches width, and standard length of about 36 inches.  

Brand new and unused, with instructions.  

NOTE:  the deck of cards in the photo is only there to give you a quick sense of how wide this streamer is -- no deck included or needed.  (Though I find that using a card box is a fun way to introduce the streamer:  keep it in an empty card box, and show the box -- the audience expects a card trick, and are surprised when you remove a colorful streamer from the card box)     :-) 

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