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ESP Test cards (pack of 30) -- official looking

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These cards were produced by one of my magical pals, to be used with a peek wallet, since they have an authentic and authoritative psychic testing look and feel.    If you have any of the myriad peek wallets out there -- (Jaks Wallet, Tele-Thought, Outlaw, etc) -- then these cards are a great accessory for it.  After some patter about the Psychic testing that is done at the institute mentioned on the card, have the spectator write an important name or thought on the back.  Put it in your peek wallet, and proceed.

In addition to adding an air of authenticity, the cards also help avoid the somewhat illogical situation that occurs when using one of your own business cards to have the thought written on.  I mean, business cards are to be given away, so why not just let the spectator put your card in her pocket after she writes.  But these cards are you rbusiness cards for giving away -- just souvenirs collected during your years of psychic research.  So to put it back in your own wallet ("to hide her thought") makes perfect sense.

NOTE:    no peek wallet is included here.  Just the cards.  

BUT, if you do not have a peek wallet, I will supply NINE PAGES of instructions for routines I also do with these cards, for those who want to use them without a Peek Wallet.   

1.      show the card, ask the spectator to name any symbol.   She names one, and you turn over the card to show a prediction written there, which says "Your choice" with a picture of the same symbol.

2.   Show the "official" testing card, and explain that the symbols match up to those in a standard Rhine ESP deck.   Show the spectator one of these ESP decks (not included, but you probably have one already -- or can buy one separately from our eBay store), and ask the spectator to stab the card into the facedown deck.  The back of the card is shown and it says: "you are drawn to the star and circle designs".    The cards on each side of the stabbed card are removed and shown -- they are the star and circle.

3.  show the card, ask the spectator to mentally choose one of the symbols.  You turn the symbols to yourself, and mark one with a pencil.  Spectator names her symbol.  You turn the card around to show you have put an "X" on the same symbol.   (This idea would use a Swami gimmick, which is not included, but you probably have one already -- or can buy one separately from our eBay store)

A few other ideas and tips are included, but you will think of many ways to use these cards.  They look very official, and so they can add credence to many of your ESP demonstrations.

New and unused.   You get 30 "test" cards in each lot, PLUS the exclusive TMGS instructions/routines 


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