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Quicksilver -- TENYO T-113 (all props, pkg and inst.)

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I won't say too much about the effect for this one, because if you are looking at a listing for a forty-year-old plastic trick that has a price of $170, you are probably familiar with Tenyo's Quicksilver -- you probably know that this is one of the "tough ones" to find for Tenyo collectors, and that when examples do come up for sale, they are usually out of package, missing pieces, etc.

Well, this one is complete as issued, with all props and packaging and the package is conveniently opened because the adhesive of the glue has died over the last four decades.  So you get to play with the props without any harm to the package!   

In a nutshell, this is the classic coin slide on steroids, somehow changing four metal "slugs" into four US quarters (with a side-tracked phase where one first turns into a penny, then into a quarter).  As Richard Kaufman says about Quicksilver inTenyo-ism, this is one Tenyo trick which is very hard to reverse engineer in your head if you are trying to figure out how it works -- you cannot really imagine how so many changes occur in such a small space.

Quicksilver probably was not popular among magicians back in 1982 because is is a bit clunky to perform -- there is a knack to the gimmick, and also an unavoidable "click" noise as each coin changes.    But this lack of popularity back then has made Quicksilver one of Tenyo's hardest to find collectibles.

Not sure why I did not show the metal "slugs" in the photo, but I assure you they are here and included.   This is an absolutely complete Quicksilver in all aspects -- props, package and instructions.

Only one of these, of course.  Once sold, there will not be a relist, so if you need this one in your Tenyo collection, do not miss this chance!!

CONDITION NOTES:  this is from ex-dealer inventory, so actually it is new and unused.  However the glue that seals the cardboard packaging has lost adhesiveness over the last 4 decades, and so the package is opened -- convenient, as no damage to package, and you have complete access to the props!  Some price sticker residue and four staple holes where the dealer sealed it with staples!  (UGH!)   Props are MINT and complete, (including all slugs, and loading device, both often missing/incomplete).  All packaging components are here, including extra backing card that hid the enclosed instructions (also often missing).   Instruction sheet is unmarked and undamaged, just some light browning at edges, as is common for Tenyo items from the era.   You can see this on the upper edge in the third photo.

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