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The Vampire (V. di Fatta) -- blood sucking card!

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This packet trick comes from Italian magician, Vincenzo di Fatta, and although the handling/method is not particularly earth-shattering, the effect is strong due to the great presentational context di Fatta has given the trick.

Magi shows a face card and three red spot cards.   The Court card is a vampire who drinks blood -- (scientifically, known as "hemaphotagy").  But this evil Vampire card needs to drink the blood to survive!   The four cards are repeatedly counted, and one by one, the blood-red pips on the spot cards vanish, having been consumed by the Vampire card.    Of course, the only way to get rid of a Vampire is to catch him in his lair, and drive a stake through his heart.  But just when you think you have him, the Vampire also disappears, leaving just four bloodless corpse cards, blank on both sides.

The instructions are excellent, with large full-color photographs to take you through the handling in detail.  The cards are Bicycle blue back, printed by the US Playing Card Company.

NOTE:  the red spot cards may not be Hearts.  They may be diamonds.  But they will be red like blood to match the patter.  The face card will be a black Spade or Club, but values may be Jack, Queen or King.  (Either "Prince of Darkness" or "Queen of the Damned")  

Sorry, but I cannot choose specific values/suits in these new unopened packages.   Once you know the routine, you may have some cards in your drawer of card gaffs that could be used if you wish to substitute a specific value or suit.

       Brand new with detailed full color photo-illustrated instructions.

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