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Tricky Paddles (EZ Magic, 1960s small white, pointy tips)

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Who doesn't love paddle tricks?  Such a great move, easy to learn, and yet so deceptive.   And many a magician in my generation got his introduction to paddle magic through one of two tricks:  either the Hot Rod, or the Tricky Paddles.   (Both still fun and entertaining pocket tricks even after 4-5 decades!)

When I first learned the tricky Paddles in the 1970's, the design had already been changed by EZ Magic -- the paddles were bigger and yellow.  But here is a set from the early 1960's, complete with the backing card/instructions.   You can see the paddles are more like a real swizzle stick that might have been used in one of those cocktails that everyone was drinking back in the 1960s.  (At least, that's what it looks like in those old TV shows).

The effect is two-in-one:  one paddle shows an empty hat and a rabbit appears in it.  The other paddle shows a circle and it changes to a square.  Simple but very visual and surprising for lay audiences.   

This set is from the late 1960s -- because the rabbit design on these smaller white paddles had a slightly more detailed rabbit than the earliest sets from the 1950's and early 1960's.    Also the bottom of the paddles are have pointy ends on the handle, unlike the earlier sets that were rounded tips.    
NOTE:  one of the pointed tips is broken off at the very end -- see the close-up photo of this.
The paddles have typical inconsistency in the printing -- you can see the corners of the square, and the small break in the brim of the hat with the rabbit.  But generally speaking, the printing is fairly strong and clear compared to many of these paddle sets.

Well, that may be more than you ever wanted to know about the Tricky Paddles, but for collectors of vintage close-up, I thought it was important to go into detail.

This set was previously owned, but props and backing card are in very good shape.   As mentioned above, one tip-end is broken off, and there is a tear in the backing card near the hanging hole. 

Whether you want this for the nostalgic memories, or want it for your vintage magic collection, or want it for your performing repertoire, one thing is clear....  You want it!  

Don't miss your chance.

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