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Rainbow Deck -- bridge size, with routine

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I really like the Rainbow deck.  When lay people see a deck with all different back designs, they are instantly engaged and interested.  The routine included is basically a version of Gemini Twins, which is a very good effect when done with normal deck.  But when done with a Rainbow deck, the reactions from lay people are WAY out of proportion to the (practically self-working) method.  And that is what we magicians are always looking for:  strong, memorable effects where we can focus on the presentation (rather than secret sleights).


Yes, it is a bridge size deck, but because you immediately show the deck as a Rainbow deck, the fact that it is a different size from your other working cards does not cause any suspicion -- lay people just figure that's how this unusual deck happens to be.    Also, with many rainbow decks, you can tell someone has put them together from 52 different decks, and the tone and feel of the cards have noticeable variations.  They are difficult to handle and work with.  (So if you see a Rainbow deck for a couple bucks less, ask the seller about this before wasting your money!)   This deck has a couple of cards where the face tone is very slightly different, but the cards generally look and handle as if they were probably printed especially for this prop.


Here's the routine that is included:     

Two cards are set aside faceup. The spectator deals facedown cards into a pile, stopping anytime they want. One of the faceup cards is set (still faceup) on the spot they stopped, and then they continue to deal facedown. They again stop anywhere they wish, and the other faceup card is set into the pack at that point, buried by the remaining facedown cards. Now for the amazing part --the facedown cards that are next to the faceup predictions are taken from the deck, along with the prediction cards. The backs on these cards match the prediction cards' backs. To prove even further, the faces of the cards are seen to be mates of each other, and the final kicker comes when the rest of the deck (that the spectator did NOT stop on) is seen to be all the same card which matches neither of the predictions.


NOTE:  this Rainbow deck has an "all-faces-the-same" climax, so it does not include 52 different cards.  Just in case that was something you were looking for.  But the all-the-same faces adds an extra strong punch to the end of the routine.  Again, for lay people, the all-same faces is just as surprising as the all different backs!


It's impressive, but you can do many other effects if you find them in your magical library.  The classic clock effect can be greatly enhanced when using a rainbow deck.  Look it up in one of your card magic books, and you'll have another good reason to buy this deck.


   Brand new with instructions   

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