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Power Drain-- mind over magnetism!

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This item is actually called "Power Pull",  but I decided to list it as "Power Drain" because the word "pull" has certain specific meanings among we magicians, and I was expecting a completely different kind of prop/effect before I read and opened the package.    The effect has nothing to do with vanishing small objects, and so I think the name "Power Drain" is better for all you magi who are quickly scanning 1000's of ebay listings!   (You could save yourself a lot of time , and just scan MY ebay listings)    :-)

The effect is simple and clear:  you show a few small button-style magnets, and after demonstration how they cling to each other, pick up metal objects, etc, you use your psychokinetic power to magically remove the magnetism from the magnets.   

This outfit comes with nicely made props and gimmicks and DVD instruction disk.   (One gimmick is used with an ordinary Sharpie pen -- you will use your own Sharpie, as only the gimmick is supplied for the Sharpie effect)

The DVD teaches 3 different routines -- basic, intermediate, and advanced -- which each build off the other, expanding the number of magnets and metal props involved.   (Note:  the back of the DVD case says "No switches, no palming"  -- this is true in the Basic routine, but the Advanced routine does use a couple very simple moves")

I must admit, the performances on the DVD fooled me.  Even after I had learned the Basic and Intermediate routines, I still missed a few subtle deceptions in the Advanced routine.  The combination of specially made props leads to a very deceptive "cancelling effect" of methods involved, which makes this a real "magician fooler".  But more importantly, it is a "lay person fooler".  And at the end of the routines, the props are left in the spectator's hands with nothing to find.

The advanced routine shows four button magnets, a key and a couple washers.  Three of the magnets are placed on the table (or on spectators' palms), and one is isolated in a small plastic box.  A key and a couple washers are clearly attracted to the magnets, but one by one, the magnets lose there power.  In a couple cases, the power drain is at first partial (the magnet retaining weak magnetic powers, the washer barely clinging to the magnet) and then visibly losing all the power as the washer falls away from the magnet.   At one point, the magnetism is TRANSFERRED into a plastic Sharpie pen!  In the end, all the magnets are drained, and only the single magnet that was isolated in the box has all the magnetic power.

The routines can be somewhat modular, and so you can use your creativity to work up new phases or new combinations of phases.    You get instructions and material to create additional gimmicks, (for example, you could transfer magnetism to your card case or business card, etc)

If this effect was put out by one of the hip, hot and happening guys on the mentalism scene, it would probably cost about $50.    But it was created by Uday Jugadar, who is best know for his Uday line of beginners' magic.  I am guessing that is the main reason, this great effect is not better known.   I highly recommend it for mental magi who want something very different and impressive to lay audiences.

One Caveat:  when I opened my own set, I found the DVD "stuck" a number of times while I was playing it.  But after washing the disk with some soapy water, rinsing it and drying with a clean washcloth, the disk played through without problems.    Not sure if other DVDs will require cleaning right out of the package, but wanted to let you know it should not be a problem after the disk is cleaned.

  Brand new with instructions   -- you get everything shown in the photo EXCEPT the Sharpie pen.  (But you get a couple more gimmicks that are not shown also)

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