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Black Moon PLUS Refills (Hilford) --Chinese Zodiac prediction

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BLACK MOON plus REFILL pack   (the extra refill pack provides papers for 200 extra performances!)

In 2008, Docc Hilford put out this very interesting routine.  It allows for cold-reading, with a solid never-fail prediction/divination of the spectator's Chinese Zodiac sign, as well as an I Ching trigram that she randomly chooses.
(Having a "guaranteed" successful finish to the routine gives the performer more leeway for cold-reading -- even if the cold reading is not hitting as much as you want, you will still be able to end on a high note.)

The effect looks like this:  
mentalist/magi shows a pad of specially printed papers (about 4x 6 inches) that list the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and also eight different trigrams from the I Ching.    The spectator's initials are written on the corner of the top sheet, and then (without letting the spectator see which) the Mentalist marks one of the trigrams and one of the Zodiac signs.  The spectator is instructed to shake three Chinese coins in her hands, and to say the year of her birth as she tosses the coins.  (The two sides of the coins are different, and represent either Yin or Yang -- the broken line or solid line).  The spectator arranges the coins in any order she wishes, which creates a pattern of broken and/or unbroken lines, which is matched to one of the eight trigrams.    A small booklet is used to learn about her chosen Trigram, and to look up which Chinese Zodiac corresponds to her birth-year.    When she looks at the predictions made by the mentalist, she sees he has accurately predicted her Zodiac sign and the trigram she created.

The props are simple -- the specially printed pad, three brass Feng Shui coins, and the small definitions "booklet"  (The booklet is really just a printed sheet of paper that can be folded eight times into a compact "booklet".   Although I wish there was an actual small bound booklet, Hilford chose to do it this way so that the sheet could be easily duplicated and given away as a souvenir.  So it does have an advantage in that.)

The printed papers also have large circular space for a follow up effect, for those performers who are familiar with Hilford's "Dance of Shiva" handling, or MIllard Longman's "Acidus Novus".    (these are not explained in the instructions, as this is an optional add-on).    

Like most Hilford routines, the method is bold, and so not for beginners.  But for experienced mentalists/magicians, this routine leaves a strong impression and also can leave the spectator with memorable souvenirs -- the prediction paper, and booklet (if you make a bunch of copies, which is allowed and recommended by Hilford).

I think anyone who buys this will use it a lot, and so I have bundles a REFILL pack along with the complete Black Moon set.   Black Moon (alone) sells for $36-$45, and the Refill Packs sell for $12-$15.   So this is a $48-$60 value.

Of course you know that I will let you get it here for less!

Brand new and unused, both Black Moon AND Refills (so three full pads of papers -- 300 sheets/300 performances!)


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