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Ghost Image Card Case -- photo flash card reveal

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When the spectator can take away a tangible reminder of your magic, it is always a more powerful experience.  But unfortunately, as much as we magicians like to thing lay people hang on to those playing cards with the one corner torn out, or the business card with a psychic image on the back, most spectators end up throwing these items away (if they even take them home).   

But when the take-away is a digital photo stored on the spectator's phone, they do keep the photo (because it takes up no actual space -- only virtual space on their phone).    And not only do they save the memory, but they talk about it when they are sharing photos with friends.   This is why the Ghost Image Card Case is one of my new favorite card revelations for lay audiences.   

This routine is simple, straight-forward and very impactful.   It looks like this:

The magician brings out a solid black cloth-covered box, opens it and removes his trusty deck of cards.    The spectator chooses a card, and she mixes the chosen card back into the deck.   The deck is put into the card case, and the cased deck is returned to the black box.     After borrowing her smart phone (or it could be any digital camera), you ask her to hold the black box up, next to her face.  She concentrates on her card, and smiles while you snap a flash photo of her.   When she looks at the photo, the ghostly image of her chosen card is seen emanating from the black box.

The box will do two different cards, so you can be ready for an instant repeat (which is often requested! )     The box appears fairly ordinary, and does hold any poker sized deck of cards (not included)   It is the kind of prop that lay audiences expect a magician to have:  a protective and classy box to hold his deck of cards.

The box does not have to be held up by the spectator.  You can take the flash photo of the box just sitting on the table, and the card image will appear just the same.   But why miss the chance to have the moment personalized for the spectator?  

This effect is similar to Tenyo's Ghost Camera, that they released back in 2016, but I think the black card box is a much more "ordinary" prop for the magician to introduce.   

The manufacturer includes a cheap deck of cards with this prop, but it adds a few bucks to the postage, and you will want to replace it with your favorite brand anyway.  

So I will ship this without the sample deck of cards -- use your own favorite poker-sized deck.   (NO deck of cards is included.)

Brand new with instructions.

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