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Cardian Angel (Paul Harris) -- personalized card magic

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Two things make magic especially memorable:  when it happens in the spectator's own hands (like Copper Silver transpo or Sponge Balls), and when the magical effect uses the spectator's own name.   Paul Harris has had a number of "spectator's name" effects, because he understands how to make magic memorable.

Cardian Angel is one of those effects.   A spectator (let's say his name is Rod, though it could be almost any male name) chooses a card from your deck.  (Let's say it is the Two of Hearts... because it will be!)    You then call upon your "Cardian Angel" to help you find the selected card.  You riffle the squared deck, and allow the spectator to watch the backs of the cards as they flip past -- like an old-time movie animation, the angel on the card back begins to fly off her bike, and into the round circle/void.  She then flies back out, dragging a card, which she flips over -- not only is it the Two of Hearts, but it says "Rod" on the card.


1.  the names possible (about 150 of them) are all male, but it can be performed for a female spectator, if you ask her the name of a special man in her life (husband, brother, father, son, etc).  The logic would be to make her card extra special and attached to her so the angel can find it more easily.

2.  you do need to secretly know the spectator's name in advance for a quick set-up before approaching.  At corporate functions where name tags are often worn, this is easy.  At house parties, it is easy to overhear or ask another person.  But for table hopping work, I have found you can learn a name while working a table, and then a few tricks later, simply set up in front of the spectators -- I use the joke line "Let me step into my office", turn my back for a few seconds, and come back around, ready to go.

3.  the effect is not hard to do, but does take practice to get the knack and timing of the animation sequence.  And to learn how to quickly set the deck for the proper name.   

4.  if you secretly learn a name and it is not in the deck.... do a different trick.

5.  because the animation takes place on the backs of the cards, it is limited in visibility, and so not suitable for larger close-up audiences.  But if working for 2-3 spectators, it is the effect that they will talk about after you leave.

Comes with a red Bicycle "Cardian Angel" deck.

Brand new with original A-1 instruction booklet .

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