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INVISIBLE SECRETS REVEALED   40 pages paperback booklet   1997 expanded 3rd edition.  (Originally published in 1976).

Look at the photos of table of contents and/or page shots to get an idea of style and format.

When Eddie Fields came up with the "Invisible deck"  presentation to use with Joe Berg's Ultra Mental deck, it may have been the single most effective presentation context for a magic trick in history.  Don Alan immediately recognized how powerful and entertaining the Fields presentation hook was, and he made it his signature trick.  (So much so, that Alan is often credited for the "Invisible Deck" presentation approach).

Berg's very clever trick deck, along with Fields' genius presentation context made the Invisible deck one of the greatest card effects ever.  Most working magicians still know how powerful it is.  

But it is also a fairly easy trick to do, and so almost every magician has the invisible deck and most perform it often.   

So that is where this booklet comes in -- it gives alternate ideas and uses for the Invisible deck, and unlike most booklets written about new ways to use an existing trick, this one is not just a bunch of half-baked ideas.  This booklet, compiled by Michael Schwartz and Eddie Joseph, thinks about other presentational contexts and approaches for the Berg Ultra Mental Deck (aka the Invisible deck).

So of the routines retain the Invisible presentation context, and offer ways to make it easier or repeatable, etc.   (And one idea from Ed Marlo that is not easy, but a cool way to table spread the deck when revealing the one facedown card!)

 But most of the routines offer ways to use your Invisible deck as a "regular" visible deck, to do card transpositions, predictions, even an instant change of one card into the selection, by using the deck as an open index.  (very clever!).    One of my favorite routines in this booklet is this:

Magi shows two decks of cards.  A card is FREELY selected from one deck, and the magi tears a corner piece off the selected card, giving it to the spectator to retain.  The card is shuffled into the deck, and after a magical pass, the card vanishes from the deck.  The other deck is taken from the box, and spread faceup in your hands.  One card is facedown.    As the magician pulls it from the faceup spread, it can be seen to be missing a corner.   The card is turned faceup and it is the missing selected card.

Strong stuff.  There are other really good ideas in this book.    If you own an Invisible (Ultra Mental) deck -- and who doesn't? -- then you will get some useful routines and ideas from this little book.

This is new-old dealer inventory, from the late 1990's, but in excellent condition, unused and never previously owned.  

NOTE:  there are two places on the inside and back cover, where price sticker removal has left residue and peeled away some paper layer -- see photos.  But otherwise, the book is Mint condition, all pages unmarked and free from damage.

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