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Crazy Arrow Compass (set of 2) -- classic pocket effect

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I remember I tried to learn this as a beginner, and of course, as a beginner, I did not recognize just how powerful and entertaining this simple effect could be.  I buried it deep in one of my drawers full of magic and moved on to flashier tubes and boxes.  But I recently came across this nicely made, durable plastic version of the classic Crazy Compass trick, and after almost 40 years in magic, I have added this one to my list of frequently carried (and performed) effects.

Despite very slow and deliberate turning over of the compass square, the arrows never seem to point in the expected direction.   A simple effect, but one that people talk about and remember because of the very open and clean handling. 

The square piece of this plastic (about 2 inches square) is held between your fingers, and when rotated, the arrows on each side both point to the left.  But then the square is slowly turned over and the arrows are at right angles.  Then the arrows appear to point in opposite directions.  Finally they seem to point both the same way again.

Kids go nuts over it, but it also plays particularly well for adults (as a sobriety test when table hopping in venues where alcoholic libations flow).

You only need one of these to perform the effect, but you will want a spare so you can keep one in your magic case, and one in your everyday wallet.  (It'll keep safe and ready in a the credit card slot).   So you should get TWO of these in this specially priced eBay listing -- these sell for about $3.50 each from most magic dealers, but get TWO here for only a bit more than that!

Fun and easy.  And it's a shame that this is usually sold as a "beginner's" trick, because it takes a bit of experience as a performer to realize how effective this trick can be.  Magic beginners are not ready for a magic trick this simple!  But you are!  

Get this pair of Crazy Compasses -- one of the best "Under $5" deals in magic today!   

Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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