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Thunderstruck (Ken Krenzel, Bicycle poker)

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Ken Krenzel took a new look at a gimmicked deck that most magicians are very familiar with, but he turned it inside out or sideways (or something like that) and he came up with a very clean way to both locate and predict a freely thought-of card.

The basic effect is excellent, but I really like the additional handling that is detailed at the end of the instructions is the true gem that can be done with Krenzel's Thunderstruck deck.     I'll describe them both:

Effect #1 -- you show a facedown blue backed "prediction" card, asking a spectator to hold it without looking at it.   You then take a red deck of cards from its case, and spread them from hand to hand asking the spectator to think of any card she sees.     Once she has thought of a card, you square the deck faceup, and take back the facedown blue backer.  You shove the facedown blue backer into the faceup red deck.  (The instructions tell you to do this behind your back or under the table, but I prefer to do it more openly.)     Now you begin dealing cards onto the spectator's hand, asking her to tell you when you reach her thought of card.  She stops you when she sees her card on the face of the pack.  "Interesting that I stuck the blue card right next to the card you thought of".   You deal her card onto her hand, and she sees the next card is the facedown blue backer!   "That's called sleight of hand.   But more interesting, I think, is that I also knew in advance what card you would think of."  You turn the blue backer faceup and it matches her card she thought of!   "That's called Extra Sensory Perception!"

The better version of the effect (I think) is where you bring out a red deck and a blue deck.   You take out the red deck, and ask the spectator to think of any card she sees as your spread the deck faceup.   You take out the blue deck, and set it facedown on the table.   Asking the spectator to name her thought of card, you take it from the red deck and hand it to her faceup.  You dribble the facedown blue deck, and ask her to place the faceup card in anywhere she wants.   When you spread through the facedown blue deck, finding her (freely chosen) faceup card, and you look at the facedown card next to it, she has somehow found the matching card in the blue deck.

Not described in the instructions, but you can easily do a double or triple version of that effect.  I do it with two spectators, each freely choosing a card from the red deck, and each placing that card faceup in the blue deck.   No forces or sleights throughout, and yet... both faceup cards are placed exactly next to the matching card from the blue deck.

To do the double deck version, you will need to supply your own matching Bicycle deck.  But if you only want to carry the Thunderstruck deck, you still get an amazing location and prediction with no sleights or forces!

CONDITION NOTE:  brand new and unused with instructions.

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