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Greenbacks PLUS -- neat packet effect, PLUS extras

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I like Sean Taylor's "Greenbacks" packet effect a lot.    There is nothing particularly innovative about his handling (many other magicians have created the same or similar methods for the Twisting effect) but those final climax cards with the dollar bill image on the backs get such a strong reaction from lay spectators, it makes this version very commercial.

In Taylor's routine, (taught on the DVD that comes with the cards), you show four faceup cards (say, the four Fives), and as you count the packet, each on of the Fives turns facedown.  After each Five turns facedown, you square the packet, and then count again, and a different Five is now facedown.  This is repeated for all four Fives.   During this counting sequence, the green Bicycle backs of the cards are seen.  Then all the cards change to Red backs, and for a big finish, they change back to "greenbacks" -- that is, there is a dollar bill image on the back of each card.

What's the "PLUS" that you mention in the headline, Rod?   Well, I'm glad you asked.

I have a few special handlings of this routine, which (I think) make the magic even more impactful, and also which allow you to start the effect by removing the cards from a deck of cards, rather than taking a "special" packet from your pocket.   And to finish "clean" in a very simple but effective way.       One of my handlings is an extended routine, with more magical twists and turns.  (This version requires and extra gimmick, which I will supply along with printed instruction sheets for my personal Greenbacks routines).   

Usually sells for $16 but get I see it selling for less elsewhere, so I'll sell it for less also.  (And I will provide the extra instructions and gimmick for the exclusive bonus TMGS routines!)

Brand new, with DVD instructions, plus printed instructions for bonus routines and extra gimmick needed for one of the bonus handlings. 

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