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Age Divination Cards (like Black Hat Magic`s Age Test)

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This is another one of those interesting items that originally was made by Black Hat Magic in the 1980's and early 90's, and has recently been re-made by other manufacturers.    It is more of a puzzle than a magical effect, but I find it amazing that something like this can be constructed, and find lay audiences also appreciate its ingenuity, even if it is not so much magical as it is amazing in a puzzling way.  

The first time I got one of these, back in the 1990's, it came only with japanese (or maybe it was mandarin) instructions.  It took me a long time to figure out how it was supposed to work.  Lucky for you, it now comes with english instructions, (though they could be clearer.  You will figure it out, but if not, I am happy to help via ebay messaging)

So what does it do?  Well, the spectator looks at each card, and places it faceup or facedown in a pile depending on whether they see their age among the numbers shown on the card.    When this sortation process is done, the card pile is picked up and turned over to show the spectator's age in a window on the back.  This works for any age up to 99.  

As I said, not very magical, but very mysterious that every possibility can be accounted for.  You can add a bit more mystery by not revealing the age number in the window at the back of the pile -- just glimpse it and name their age.   But I find that the very fact the correct number comes up for any age is what audiences find most impressive.  

Try this one as an interlude between more magical effects, and you will be pleasantly surprised how well it goes over with lay audiences.    Plays surprisingly well for older kids, too.   Easy to do, no memory work, etc.

Brand new with instructions.   Usually sells for about $12, but get it here for less!

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