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SHUFTON, P.S. I (heart) U (1st ed. 2014) -- anytime prediction

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PS- I (heart) YOU   by Steve Shufton   1st edition 2014     20 un-numbered pages.

subtitled  " A prediction System you will love!"

  (paperback bound, new-old dealer inventory, almost mint condition -- price sticker on cover)   

This is a method for doing an (almost) impromptu prediction effect with your business cards and a pen.  After some simple secret preparation, you can be ready for those "do a trick" moments:   

Take out seven of your business cards and a pen.   You write a prediction, and set it aside, or let a spectator hold it.  You write a number (from 1 through 6) on each business card, and then mix them with the numbers down.  The spectator can mix them if you wish.    The business cards are fanned out, and the spectator points to any card.  No force, no verbal gymnastics, no secret sleights -- the card she chooses is removed from the fan, and it is (for example) number 5.   The prediction is opened by the spectator holding it, and it says "you will choose #5)

It really looks (and works) that clean.

The method is reminiscent of effects by Paul Curry, Larry Becker and a few others I can't think of right now.  But Shufton has made this into a very practical mini-miracle that you can easily carry with you all the time.  Is it an effect you would include in your set show?  Probably not.  But for more casual performances, when you are pressed to do something, this is an excellent trick to have at your disposal.

Shufton includes ideas and handlings for 4 other ways to use this Prediction "system".     

Look at the photos of the forward and introduction for more details from Ben Harris ands Shufton on this booklet's intent and contents.

Usually sells for $20 -- well worth it, but I'll sell it for less (of course)

new-old dealer inventory, in near MINT condition (just has a price sticker on the cover and very minor shelf wear).  Pages are clean and tight, with no marks or damage   

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