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Believe in Magic Prediction -- my new favorite ice-breaker

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One of my magical friends printed these high quality, color, glossy business cards with magic themed messages to write thank you notes on the back.    But I wanted to use them in my close-up work, so I created this simple but very effective routine with the cards.   I've been showing it to everybody lately, and it is my new favorite trick to get the conversation going about magic.   And for set shows, it is a great opener -- not only is it a puzzling prediction effect, it also includes a brief “sucker" element, and ends with a strong affirmation of the power of Magic!

The effect: 

magi puts a prediction card facedown on the table, and asks someone to keep an eye on it.  Then the magi shows five blank backed business cards -- they are facedown, and he asks a spectator to mix them up without looking, so she can participate in an experiment with her subconscious mind.   The experiment involves the elimination of four of the cards, leaving just one.  This card is placed with the prediction.  The two cards are turned up to show they match -- both have the phrase "Believe in Magic".   The spectators may think all the cards (whose faces have not been seen) were the same.  And they turn out to all be the same -- they say MAGIC on them.   Since Magic is all around for those who Believe!     

Spontaneous applause point   :-)     And a great starting point to do more magic.

This is my own routine, which involves the PATEO process and one phase of Equivoque, and the instructions detail my fine-points on using PATEO to make it extra effective and fair, and how to logically use Equivoque for the final choice.   (And if you do not know what PATEO and/or Equivoque is, don't worry -- it is explained fully in the instructions.) 

The instructions include my own patter which you may find useful in adapting the routine to your own character and approach.  The patter also provides a logical context for PATEO's process.

And oh yeah...   It resets immediately and fits in your shirt pocket, always ready to go.

Includes extra cards for spares and also for a SEVEN card version if you want to extend the routine.  And of course the exclusive TMGS instructions, teaching some finer points that heighten the impact of this effect.   

Brand new with TMGS instructions.

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