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ANNEMANN, Practical Mental Effects (Robbins reprint)

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So, how do I define a book as a "must-have"?   

Well, part of that designation comes from what I call the "growth potential" of the book -- that is, if the magician comes back to the book six months (or six years) after first reading it, does he/she discover even more info and effects that can be added to the repertoire.   Annemann's Practical Mental Effects is one such book.   Every time I pick it up, I find something else that helps my performance or repertoire.   This is a book with huge growth potential.

Another criteria I use for must-have books is "variety" of material and approach.  Does the book force you to stretch your thinking about what magic can be, and/or how it can work?  Does the effect on page 200 take you in a completely different direction than the effect on page 100?  Because when a book forces you to think outside your comfort zone, or even just outside of whatever box you tend to park your mind in, it is a book that will make you a better magician.  This is a book with variety.

One more criteria (which is completely practical) is "value" -- does the book give you a boat-load of useful routines and information for a reasonable price.  Well, even a Holden first edition of this book (which would go for several hundred dollars) would be a great value.  And since this recent D.Robbins paperback edition is a faithful reproduction of the original hardback edition, and sells for less than a typical ticket at the movie theater....  well, it is a MAJOR VALUE.

But c'mon Rod, can a book that recently had its 75th anniversary of first printing still be relevant?  Can the stuff in it still be "Practical" for contemporary 21st century audiences?   The best answer comes from Richard Osterlind, who recently put out a six DVD collection of mental magic that ALL came from this book.   There is a ton of great material here, by Annemann of course, but also from Stewart James, Paul Curry, Walter Gibson, Al Baker, JG Thompson, Glenn Gravatt, Hen Fetsch...  (Those are names I happened on by cracking the book open at random just now.)

.   This book is highly recommended.   2009 paperback reprint by D Robbins.  317 pages.   New-old dealer inventory so in NEW condition

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