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ULT. SELF WORKING CARD TRICKS vol. 4 -- get this!

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 ULTIMATE SELF-WORKING CARD TRICKS vol. 4 --  various artists, published by Big Blind Media 2019

This is a GREAT collection of easy-to-do card magic that looks like it requires IMMENSE skill.   

So often, with collections of "self-working" card magic, the procedural aspects of the handling overload and drown out any potential for magical amazement.  Too much dealing, counting, etc.    But the TEN effects on this DVD, while not free from some of that typical procedural stuff, have such strong ending effects that the procedural elements actually seem to enhance the end effect -- seem to make it more impossible!

When I watch DVDs I take notes of which effects I would use and which I will not bother learning.  Well, on this DVD, my list of "must learn that one!" effects was...  the entire DVD.    ALL ten of the effects were so good.   I started a new sorting on the list, on which of these effects would be great in my working shows, and which are good for casual "show me a trick" moments with friends, family, magic club meetings, etc.    And almost all of them ended up in the "show repertoire" side of the list -- they are that good!

As you might expect from self-working card tricks, about half of the effects require some set-up/stack, but the other half are either impromptu or almost impromptu (requiring just a few cards to be set).   All but three of the effects can be done with an ordinary deck and nothing more.   (Jack Tighe's excellent "Sorta-Swiped" only requires an extra stranger prediction card, and the last trick on the DVD is UF Grant's Card-U-Reka, does requires a fully gaffed deck, but one you can easily make up (you will!) and you will have it ready for a strong showpiece.   Peter Kane's neat coincidence effect requires two ordinary decks, but is otherwise impromptu.)

In addition to the tricks mentioned above, there are items created by some of the best card workers ever: 

John Bannon's take on a classic Vernon concept that everyone loves but few perform -- with Bannon's approach, you WILL perform it.     Bill Simon's slimmed down handling of a Paul Curry killer effect, and Simon's adds and instant repeat!   Martin Gardner's King Five Nine, which will probably fool you when you perform it, and of course your spectators will be slayed by it.   Michael Breggar's impromptu card divination will become one of your favorites when someone hands you there old deck of cards and says "do a trick".

 I could keep going about all the effects, but just look at the who's who of who's left on this DVD:  Roy Walton, Stephen Tucker, Liam Montier.   All three of the effects by these guys are almost impromptu and yet will leave your audience with serious levels of amazement.

The effects are all demo'd and taught by the guys at Big Blind Media (not necessarily the creators I mentioned above, just to be clear).   The performances include some lay audience so you can see the reactions these effects get.   The methods are clearly explained, without being labored over long winded. 

Ok,I admit it.  I like this DVD.  (In case you had not got that yet...)    My only critical comment would be that the guys at BBM teach the effects with a few (simple, easy) shuffle or cut "moves" that are not actually "self-working".   But even if you are very, very new to card magic, nothing on the DVD is hard-to-do.    

This DVD sells for $25, but I'll sell it for a bit less (because I think everyone should have it!)

Brand new  --  NOTE:  this DVD was issued from BBM without shrinkwrap, but it is brand new, never previously owned..

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