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CARDIO (Liam Montier) -- any deck, always ready

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CARDIO  by Liam Montier --  published by Big Blind Media (undated, but estimate this is from about 2012)

If you have read other descriptions I've written about effects or DVDs by Liam Montier, you know I am a fan of his magical creations.   Cardio (the DVD) only contains SEVEN routines, but they are consistently strong for lay audiences.   

The idea for Cardio's effects:  one deck, no gimmicks, no extra cards, no pre-prep.    Liam did not state "packet magic" as an objective, but most of the effects take a small packet from the deck and then do some strong magic with it.   So you get Seven impromptu routines, which use some sleights you probably are very familiar with.   

Standout for me on this DVD:     "The Other Thing" is so smart, so surprising -- a borrowed deck, you take out two jokers and put them in the card box, then go through the deck to find the four kings.  The kings are then cleanly put them into four different parts of the deck.    The top card is turned faceup to set "the number of seconds" you have to find all four kings.   Say it is a seven, you deal this card facedown on the table, and the deck is placed in your pocket.  The spectator starts timing, counting down as you put your hand in your pocket to find the Kings.  As she says time's up, you bring out... ONE card.   It appears the trick has gone wrong.  You show that card to be one of the Kings.  Then you smile and say you did find all four, but hid them.  You lift the card box and one card is underneath it -- a second King.   You hand the card box to the spectator, and she removes the jokers, finding a third king between them in the box!  And finally you point to the facedown number card on the table -- it is turned up and the Seven has changed into the last King.   

Borrowed deck,  no pre-set up, completely impromptu, and no palming either!    As so many dealer's like to say, though I think Harry Lorayne coined the phrase, "Worth the price of the book!  (or DVD in this case)

But the other effects are also excellent:  a couple of routines based on the classic Hofzinser card problem, including a five card packet version, where the deck never comes into play that is a very fresh take on the plot.    A neat Twisting routine, where the Aces change to selected cards and some even vanish at the end.   A nice added magical finish to the old Slap the Cards revelation.  A pendulum principle effect...    

Read the descriptions on the photo of the DVD case and you will see the kind of variety in these seven effects.

My only critical comment would be that Montier does not have any "real" audience for his demo's -- he just performs for the camera guy.   But it is easy to imagine the effect these routines would have on lay audiences.    

This DVD sells for $22, but I'll sell it for a bit less (because I am a nice guy!)

Brand new  still in shrinkwrap

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