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Con Cam Monte (R. Paul Wilson) --plus TMGS bonus

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One of the most deceptive gaffed versions of the classic Three Card Monte has always been the Dutch Looper, which Pat Page popularized with his handling called the Kitson Miracle.  Unlike other gaffed versions of the Three Card Monte, the Looper version allows for extremely open and fair handling of the cards.

R. Paul Wilson has put together his own handling, with his own variation of the gaffed card, and the result (which he calls Con Cam Monte -- not sure what that means, but...) -- is an incredibly practical and deceptive.  And not hard to do at all, so you can focus on the entertainment value in your presentation.

In Wilson's routine, you cleanly show four cards (yes, the routine only uses four -- no worries about hiding any extras) to be three 8C and one QH.  One Eight is set aside facedown, and the other three cards are shown again -- the QH is in the middle.  The cards are fairly laid onto the table and slowly mixed (such that the spectators can easily follow the Queen).  Yet when the (assumed) Queen is turned faceup, it is an Eight.  Another Eight is shown, and put with the first Eight.  When the magician goes to turn the third card over, suddenly the Queen is one of the two in his hand, and the third card is seen to be an Eight.  

The Queen is again centered in the faceup fan, and the cards turned facedown.  The center card is removed and shown to be an Eight.  Explaining that he has one trick card, the magi puts this Eight faceup in the center of the facedown fan, and turns the fan over, where it can be seen the center card has a QH on its back!  "You see, one card has faces on both sides".   The fan is turned facedown again and the faceup Eight removed, but when turned over, the QH on its back is gone -- it is a normal card.  "You just need to hide the fact that it has a Queen on its back!" 

In the end the three cards in the hand are all shown to be Eights, and the fourth card, originally set aside is the Queen.

Throughout the routine, the spectators see very convincing displays of the cards, and have no doubt they know where the Queen is... yet, the elusive Lady is always somewhere else.

I have been doing Con Cam Monte in my own strolling work for many years -- (yes, the effect instantly resets and fits in your shirt pocket) -- and have a few extra phases and handlings which I have written up and will share with you when you buy Con Cam Monte here.  With these added bonus handlings, you can adapt Wilson's routine to extend it, or skip a phase of his, and add one of mine, etc.  And I am sure you will figure out a few of your own handlings once you begin playing with the packet of cards.

Usually sells for $25 but get it here for less....   PLUS you get the exclusive TMGS instruction sheet for some extra phase handlings and variations

Brand new, with DVD instructions, plus written (printed) TMGS bonus instructions. 

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