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Pip Art (Dan Harlan) -- includes extra gimmick

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Another fun card quickie from Dan Harlan, which although not "heavy-weight" stuff, may be long remembered by your lay audience after they have forgotten your one-handed double deck quadruple Triumph routine.  

You have a card selected from your red backed Bicycle deck -- it is the 7 of hearts.   The spectator places it back in the deck and you say you will find her card.  You cut the deck, and the top card is shown -- it is the 10 of Diamonds.   When she tells you that was not her card, you give the 10D a spin, and cause the pips to re-configure (due to centrifugal force, of course) into a "seven" and a "heart"  (see photo)

If you do that fancy-shmancy flourish where you can spin a card on the tip of your finger, you finally have a great trick to use it.    I find this is a good card trick for kids, because even if they aren't tuned into the card values and suits, they do get the change of the card, and they love that visual, funny effect.   But older kids (adults) like it, too

Comes with necessary gimmicked card to match your red backed Bicycle deck.    But as a bonus, you get a spare card.  So you get two gimmicked cards.  With the right presentation, you can probably sell the re-configured card to a wealthy spectator, and you will still have the extra one to perform with.  :-)

Well taught with the instruction booklet that comes with the cards.   (Use your own red Bicycle deck)

This usually retails for $10, but get it here for less.     Brand new.

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