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Illuminate DVD w/ gimmick (2010) -- phone magic

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ILLUMINATE  (Mike Hankins) -- published by Paper Crane, 2010 -- includes DVD and original gimmicks as issued

As phones have become so constantly present, with everyone carrying their phone at all times, it is natural that phone magic should be created.  In fact, I am surprised there is not more out there.   Illuminate is a neat add-on to your phone, which allows for a very memorable and cool playing card revelation, given the right conditions.

Looks like this:  

a card is selected by one spectator.  The deck is placed in the card case, and you let the selector hold the case.  You also give her a lighter, and show her how to light it and hide it behind the card case.  That spectator stands away from you, as you give your phone to another spectator, after you have turned the phone to video or camera mode..    The card selector faces the other spectator, who focuses the camera/phone on the selector.  You ask the selector to light the lighter behind the card case, and to slowly raise the flame into view.    The spectator looking through the camera suddenly sees two large Heart Pips floating in the photo frame.  She snaps a photo (or takes a short video).   The selector reveals her chosen card -- the Two of Hearts.   You can show her the photo taken by the other spectator, so she will experience the magic of the ghostly card revelation (which of course was not visible to her when the photo was taken).

The card value apparition looks like the picture on the front of the DVD case.   NOTE:  the effect requires low light, so best for bars, indoors where the lights can be dimmed, or night-time street magic.

Hankins teaches you how to gimmick your phone or camera -- he covers a number of different kinds, but as the DVD is 10 years old, there are obviously many current models that are not covered in the instructions.  But when you understand the method, you can adapt this to any phone.  (Some phones may require phone cover, some do not.)

Usually priced about $25, but get it here for less...

CONDITION:   opened, DVD and case/label are in excellent condition.

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