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TROST Dealer`s Choice -- (2005 L&L re-issue)

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Originally released by Nick Trost in the 1970's, DEALER'S CHOICE was a great example of how Trost could milk a ton of magic out of a small packet.   I must have missed this one back when Trost released it, because this L&L re-issue was the first time I learned this Trost gem.

The original versions of this trick have been extremely hard to find, since about the 1980's -- I have never seen one!   But in the early 2000's, Nick Trost struck a deal with L&L Publishing to re-issue many of his classic packets.   And DEALER'S CHOICE was one of those chosen for the re-issue collection.   

The effect:    The magi shows six cards, which are blank on both sides, and as they are shown, they are dealt into three pairs of two cards.  The magician makes a magical gesture over one of the paired blank cards, and turns them faceup, revealing they have magically printed faces -- two red threes.  "Not a great poker hand, so I folded".    He waves his hand over another pair of blanks, and turns them face up -- they are now a Two and a Ten.  "Even worse! I left the poker table and went to play blackjack"  The last pair of blanks is turned up, showing they have changed to an Ace and a Ten.  "A blackjack --21.  My luck had changed!"  Picking up all six cards, the magi decides to play poker again.  "I only need five cards, so..."  he takes one of the cards and rubs it on the table where it again reverts to blank on both sides.   This leaves five random cards -- not a great poker hand.  But with one more magical gesture, the hand turns into four Tens!"

Cards cannot be examined at the end, but the handling is very open and apparently innocent.  Slip the cards back in your pocket and move on to another effect when your done.

New-old dealer inventory, so in new and unused condition, complete with all props and original instruction sheet.   

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